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Unlocking Profit with Precision: Load Balancing and Demand Forecasting

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

In a perfect world, every day would present the exact same set of opportunities for your company, and you could always send technicians to jobs appropriate for their skill level. Unfortunately, reality could not be further from this.

The HVAC world is characterized by extreme peaks and valleys in demand rates. This means that, on busy days, you have to send under qualified technicians to high opportunity jobs, and on less busy days, your rockstar technicians are underutilized.

Luckily, we have a powerful weapon at our disposal to counteract these swings in demand: maintenance.

In general, companies have a lot of flexibility in choosing dates for maintenance calls. This allows for doing things like scheduling maintenance during the seasons with the least demand. However, this has a few problems. For one, even temperate seasons have extreme days where, for example, people have to turn on their AC for the first time all year, and you may be flooded with demand. Furthermore, if a customer calls asking for an inspection in the middle of your busy season, they probably don’t want to be given a date three months in the future.

That’s where demand forecasting comes in. Using daily weather forecasts, you can predict how much demand you will have on each day, allowing you to avoid scheduling maintenance calls–especially high opportunity ones–on busy days.

This has a huge impact on your top line. Now, instead of your best technicians servicing low opportunity jobs on days with minimal demand, you can pack all of your 10+ maintenance calls into those days, allowing you to maximize the number of installs your best technicians sell.

In practice, it’s almost impossible for CSRs to intelligently consider these nuances in real time while providing exceptional customer service. That’s why Probook automates these decisions, allowing your CSRs to focus on providing exceptional service while Probook makes sure your technicians have the right workload every day.

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