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The Hidden Cost of Driving

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Ignoring driving time in your dispatching is costing you tens of thousands of dollars per technician per year.

Conventional wisdom says that Dispatch for Profit, or “Right Tech Right Call” is the only thing your dispatchers should think about. And while this is important, it’s certainly not the only factor.

Suppose you have 10 technicians running HVAC demand calls. Typically, about half of these calls will be for systems 10 years or older, making them a replacement opportunity. Ideally, your best five technicians would run these calls. If you ignore geography, these technicians might spend three hours of their day driving (depending on the size of your service area). Routing them optimally reduces this by 50%, eliminating 90 minutes of driving. On most days, this is enough for your technicians to do an entire extra job each.

But we can do even better than that. Instead of just minimizing total driving time, we can prioritize minimizing the time that your best techs spend on the road by sending them to opportunities packed tightly together, typically in the densest parts of your territory.

What this means is that instead of having your five best technicians running four opportunities each, you can have your four best technicians run FIVE opportunities each, significantly increasing your average ticket and allowing you to run more total calls.

Combining routing optimization and right-tech-right-call allows you to get your best technicians to as many profitable jobs as possible, driving the maximum possible number of installs for your business.

Your top technicians are your most valuable asset. Don’t waste their time

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