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More Jobs.
Bigger Tickets. More Profit.

See what AI-powered scheduling & dispatch is all about.

HVAC technician greeting a customer at their door at the job they've been dispatched to.
This shows the profit growth realized by using Probook.

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Meet Probook: Profit-Driven, AI Automated Scheduling & Dispatch

More Jobs + Bigger Tickets = More Profit

HVAC tech

Probook automates scheduling and dispatching

using AI to maximize profit:

  • Schedule For Profit: Proactively distributing opportunities across days means profitable techs will always be available and nearby their other jobs.

  • Dispatch For Profit: Using historical performance data, our algorithm sends the right tech to every call, increasing ticket sizes by 8% on average.

  • Increased Profits:  Cutting driving time by 40%, enabling 12 more right calls per tech per month and 15% total profit growth.


More "Right" Jobs/Tech/Month


Ticket Growth


Total Profit Growth


Automated Scheduling

It's impossible for CSRs to make profitable decisions while maintaining stellar service. With Probook, they don't have to. 

  • ​Profit-Driven Capacity distributes opportunities evenly so you're never forced to assign lucrative calls to the wrong techs. It proactively clusters nearby calls together, that way dispatch can keep routes short.  Think of it as 'Scheduling for Profit.'

  • Demand Forecasting uses weather data to inform how many tuneups to schedule each day, that way you're never scrambling for calls, and rescheduling becomes a thing of the past.

  • Customer Experience makes call boards and clunky spreadsheets a thing of the past. CSRs can forget about capacity and focus on their customers. 

This is an HVAC CSR or customer service representative
Probook CSR pop-up, plug-in

Probook lays on top of your CRM screen and shows CSRs the best dates to schedule jobs. No need to leave your CRM.

Probook automates scheduling decision-making

so your CSRs can focus on customer service, not capacity.

AI-Driven Dispatch for Profit

More Jobs,
Bigger Tickets,
More Profit

  • ​Profit-Driven Dispatch uses AI to predict job profit and match calls to suitable techs based on historical data, ensuring your business squeezes  as much profit out of every call as it can, increasing ticket size by 8% and total profit by 15% on average.

  • Always Adapting since jobs rarely finish on time. Our algorithm re-optimizes your board every time a job finishes, keeping profitability paramount.

  • Efficient Routing means techs can conservatively run 12 more of the right calls each month.

HVAC dispatch for profit
Probook Dispatcher Screen

Probook pops up over your CRM's dispatch board, showing techs' most profitable next assignments each time a job is completed, automatically.

Doing 12 more jobs/tech/month and making 8% more profit/job

means 15% more profit all around. 

Keep Your CRM

Probook web store download

No Extra Tabs: Probook reads from your CRM automatically. It requires no extra tabs to use. 

Nothing to Learn: All your CSRs and dispatchers do is click recommendations on the Probook pop-up within their CRM. Everything else stays the same, except more profit and less headache.

White Glove Onboarding: We’ll fly out to onboard your company entirely in one day at no cost. 

Learn Data-Driven Best Practices from
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Like what you've read? Our call center and dispatch experts can fly out to your shop at no cost to train your team on data-driven best practices. Click below to begin the qualification process. No commitment needed. Free remote training can also be arranged. Free video series coming soon.


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