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More Jobs.
Bigger Tickets. More Profit.

Supercharge ServiceTitan with AI scheduling & dispatch

HVAC technician greeting a customer at their door at the job they've been dispatched to.
This shows the profit growth realized by using Probook.

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ServiceTitan users nationwide trust Probook's AI plug-ins to maximize profit.

Run More of The Right Calls


more "right jobs"

per tech, per month


average ticket growth


gross profit increase

Probook automates scheduling and dispatch in ServiceTitan for maximum profit. See how!

AI Dispatch for Profit

Right Tech, Right Call

We'll send the right tech to every call, every time.

Based on your techs' historical sales data by job type and tag.

Windshield Time

We'll cut driving time between jobs by 30-40% without sacrificing profitability. That way your best techs can get to more opportunities. 


We'll re-optimize your board in real-time as jobs finish

and new calls arrive.


Impose human discretion as needed by tweaking parameters and locking jobs to certain technicians.

Screen Shot 2023-12-24 at 12.18.56 PM.png

Probook learns exactly how much gross profit your techs make for all types of jobs.


No more "batting orders" or spreadsheets.


Probook tracks your techs' performance in real-time, easily viewable from our full suite of operational dashboards. 


AI Scheduling

Profit-Driven Capacity

We preemptively simulate your schedule to ensure the

right techs will be both available and nearby.

Demand Forecasting

We use weather data to inform how many tune-ups

to outbound each day, that way you're never scrambling

for calls and rescheduling becomes a thing of the past.

Customer Experience

No more call boards or clunky spreadsheets.

CSRs can focus on stellar customer service.

This is an HVAC CSR or customer service representative
Probook CSR pop-up, plug-in

Probook lays on top of your CRM booking screen and shows CSRs the best date and arrival window for every job. 

Probook automates scheduling decision-making

so your CSRs can focus on customer service, not capacity.

Deeply Integrated with ServiceTitan

Probook web store download

No Extra Tabs: Probook reads from ServiceTitan automatically. It requires no extra tabs to use. 

Nothing to Learn: All your CSRs and dispatchers do is click recommendations on the Probook pop-up within ServiceTitan. Everything else stays the same, except more profit and less headache.

White Glove Onboarding: We’ll onboard your company entirely in one day at no cost. 

On Call Support: We're a phone call or email away at all times. Receive answers in minutes.


Try Probook Today!

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