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Dispatch For Profit
AND Run More Calls

More Jobs. Bigger Tickets. More Profit. See what AI can do for your service business.

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The Hidden Cost of Driving

Today's dispatchers mistakenly tolerate inefficient routes if it means
satisfying 'right tech, right call'. The problem with sacrificing driving time is
lost revenue from jobs your top performers would have otherwise completed.

Why not do both? Probook lets your business Dispatch For Profit TO THE MAX without sacrificing ANY driving efficiency. Read our full example here.


Probook: The Best of Both Worlds

+20 jobs
per tech, per month

Run More Calls

By cutting driving time by 30% on average, Probook enables techs to run more calls.

Dispatch For Profit

By matching techs to the right opportunities based on KPIs, Probook increases ticket sizes.

per tech, per month

More Revenue

More jobs + bigger tickets = more revenue (assumes average ticket of $250).

Probook Plugs Into Your FSM

Optimization Starts With Initial Booking

CSR takes calls as
normal within their FSM

Probook displays the most profitable dates and techs for the job in a pop-up 

Intelligent Scheduling — Picking dates off of total capacity inhibits even the brightest dispatcher's ability to optimize their board. Our algorithm selects dates intelligently around the jobs your techs are already scheduled to do.  

Adjusts Booking Priority Automatically

Demand Forecasting — Our algorithm predicts HVAC demand using weather and historical data to better anticipate how far out to schedule maintenance. No more manually tracking call type targets in clunky spreadsheets.

Recalculates Every Time A Job Finishes

Always Adjusting — Jobs rarely finish when expected. Our algorithm re-optimizes your board every time a job finishes, while respecting 'right tech, right call.'

Dispatch For Profit — Our algorithm matches techs to the right jobs using conversion KPIs. It recalculates your 'batting order' in real time, automatically.

Driving Efficiency — Our algorithm orders jobs within the right techs' days in such a way that reduces driving by 30% on average. That way, your top performers stop losing revenue to long drives taking them off another call.

Requires ZERO training to use

Easier Than Booking  Normally — Probook becomes your dispatcher. All your CSRs do is click the pop-up to use our recommendation.  

Entirely Automatic — Everything feeds off of real time data and happens in the background automatically. You don't have to re-train anybody in anything. 

Our Story

George spent 7 years in the trades before starting Probook. He recently spent the summer working as an HVAC dispatcher.

George Eliadis

Cofounder, CEO & Dispatch Coach


Jonathan has been building software since childhood and also brings an exceptional statistics background from his time as a quant trader at SIG.

Jonathan Kao

Software Engineer


Ivan began his home services career in 2020, working for a leading FSM. Ivan dispatches remotely for Probook's users.


Toby has been building software for 8 years and brings a world-class statistics background from his time as a quant trader at Jane Street.

Toby Hirsch

Cofounder & CTO


Larry has been developing software for years and brings full-stack dev experience from Five Rings and Jane Street.

Larry Huang

Software Engineer

Ivan Beylin 

Dispatch Coach

Free Onsite Dispatch Training

Our Dispatch Coaches are happy to fly out to your shop at no cost to train your team on best dispatch practices. Click the button to begin the qualification process. No credit info required. Free remote training is also available. 

Try Probook at No Cost for
3 Months. Onboarding takes minutes!

115 S 40th St

Philadelphia, PA, 19104

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